Congressional Office Distributing ‘Watch List’ of Central Florida Citizen Activists

August 10, 2011
Contact: Mike Cantone
Mobile: 804 543 4976

Recently, photos of Central Florida citizen activists were distributed at a Rep Tim Griffin’s government-sponsored Town Hall by his staffers in Arkansas. The packets that are being distributed include photos of local activists, including some Organize Now supporters, along with a list of questions about their personal and professional backgrounds. 

Most of the people featured in the packets are constituents of Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL) and were outspoken at the Representative’s Town Halls.

“It seems clear that the presentation of these materials is intended to encourage harassment of these citizen activists and to intimidate other citizens from speaking out across America by attacking those who have already spoken out,” said Tamecka Pierce, President of Organize Now, who is also profiled in the document. “This behavior is unfitting for any member of Congress or their Congressional staff and represents a threat to the First Amendment rights of all citizens. This type of state sponsored intimidation, is a troubling, direct danger to our democratic process.”

“Citizens everywhere should be concerned as to whether or not tax payer dollars and resources were used to profile fellow Americans in an attempt to silence their voices and what role Congressional offices or campaigns played in disseminating state-sponsored intimidation of private citizens,” said Mike Cantone, Political Director for Organize Now, who was also profiled.

“These fear tactics are reminiscent of the incendiary “Wanted” posters for Planned Parenthood doctors and activists and Sarah Palin’s crosshairs on Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ district -- threats and intimidation tactics that led to real violence and even murder,” said another local activist, who was also profiled in the handout, but is fearful of being quoted directly because of further possible retribution while looking for employment.  “The Constitution welcomes and protects open, honest and impassioned speech by the citizenry, no matter the party affiliation, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Unfortunately, it seems that Rep. Webster does not tolerate dissent and has placed constituents who often disagree on some kind of ‘watch list,’ which has been distributed to the public by at least one other Congressional office.”

“This action sends a clear message to constituents:  If you disagree, keep quiet or face retribution,” says Pierce.  “I’m scared to know that if I speak at a public meeting, that the Federal Government will use their vast tax-payer funded resources to spread lies and fear across the country.  Big government should not be used to intimidate its citizens.”

Organize Now is a Florida community-based organization engaged in and committed to building power to effect change in times of injustice, maintain and protect our existing rights in the state of Florida whenever and wherever injustices are being committed or civil rights are being infringed upon.  Organize Now has been very active in holding Florida elected officials accountable to their votes and actions this summer, including Rep. Webster. For more information, visit


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Rep. Frederica Wilson's Open Letter to Democrats

August 2, 2011

Dear Colleague,

I urge you to join me in protecting Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and Education.  Today, I introduced five bills that will do just that –

1.)  H.R. 2723 – The Social Security Protection Act of 2011.

2.)  H.R. 2724 – The Medicaid Protection Act of 2011.

3.)  H.R. 2725 – The Medicare Protection Act of 2011.

4.)  H.R. 2726 – The Education Protection Act of 2011.

5.)  H.R. 2727 – The People’s Act of 2011 (Which includes all of the above).

My bills protect each priority of the Democratic platform.  Under my bills, no cuts in any of these areas may be made by a so-called ‘Super Congress’ under fast track procedures; and under my plan, none of these areas would be subject to the devastating automatic trigger outlined in the debt ceiling deal.

Again, I urge you to join me in protecting Democratic ideals.  I urge you to protect America. 


Frederica S. Wilson
Member of Congress

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Speculation Adds 83 cents a gallon to Gas Prices at the Pump

Speculation Adds 83 cents a gallon to Gas Prices at the Pump 

Local Organizations Release New Report, Call on regulators to stop speculation now

Orlando, Florida
 – Today, a group of Florida organizations including Organize Now, Florida Watch Action, and the Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment released a new report entitled “How Speculation is Affecting Gasoline Prices Today” authored by Robert Pollin and James Heintz at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. They called on regulators to act now to stop excessive Wall Street speculation that is driving up prices and costing families money. 

“We are living in tough economic times and rising gas prices are causing further hardship for my family and our budget,” said Jacob Seymour of Eustis. “Wall Street’s gambling caused the financial crisis, and now Wall Street’s speculation in the oil markets is increasing gas prices. Our government has the tools to stop Wall Street from gambling on oil and they need to act now!” he added.

The report makes the case that without the influence of large-scale speculative trading on oil in the commodities futures market, the average price of gasoline at the pump in May would have been $3.13 rather than $3.96. This means that the average U.S. consumer paid an 82 cent per gallon “premium” in May for gas because of the huge rise in speculation in oil markets. 

The average U.S. auto owner paid what amounted to a “Wall Street premium” of about $41 in May and a two-car family paid about $82 in May - if this continued for a full year, it would cost a one-car family $492 and a two-car family $984, according to the report. Across the country, the increased costs from speculation totaled 1 billion dollars in May. That’s money that could have been spent on goods and services to generate economic demand and create jobs.

“Rising gas prices drag down the whole economy and the Wall Street premium is throwing fuel on the fire. Our economic recovery is being dragged down by rising gas prices. Goldman Sachs itself calculated that rising gas prices will put a big dent in economic growth. The CFTC needs to act now to help families and our economy” said Casey Dayhoff of Organize Now. “We are the ones who have payed off Wall Street’s bets, and their gambling habits are still ruining our economy” he added.

Click here to view “How Speculation is Affecting Gasoline Prices Today” by Robert Pollin and James Heintz with the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

If you would like to contact the report’s authors please contact Debbie Zeidenberg with Political Economy Research Institute at University of Massachusetts, Amherst at 413-545-6355 or John Carey with Americans for Financial Reform at 202-466-1854.

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New Report Shows That Cutting Social Security Will Hurt Veterans

Orlando, Florida – A group of Central Florida Veterans joined Organize Now yesterday to release a first-of-its-kind report entitled Social Security: Serving Those Who Serve Our Nation showing the critical importance of Social Security to the nation’s veterans and their families.  The report was prepared by Social Security Works and the Strengthen Social Security Campaign and is co-sponsored by ten veterans’ organizations.  Organize Now is part of the Strengthen Social Security and Social Security Works coalitions.  Released ahead of Memorial Day weekend, veterans and coalition partners hope to continue to impact the national debate over the deficit.
“Social Security remains a vital promise made to American veterans and their families,” said Veteran Tez Figaro, retired Air Force Reserves. “Leaders willing to consider benefit cuts simply do not understand the costs associated with a wounded veteran’s home care or how carefully a young veteran has to budget to raise a family on his or her own. Or how important Social Security is and will be for retired veterans.  This is not just a political issue – it’s personal for millions of Americans and it is personal to me and my family.” 
“Members of Congress like Dan Webster, who voted for and continue to support the Ryan Budget, seem to have forgotten some of the promises and guarantees that make America great,” said Mike Cantone, Political Director for Organize Now.  “One of those promises is Social Security and Congress should listen to our Veterans who put their lives on the line to protect these promises for future generations.  Congress must protect Social Security from any budget cuts.”
“It’s not only the veterans from the Vietnam era who depend on their Social Security, but also young men and women serving today,” said Vietnam Era Veteran Victor Torres, retired USMC Sergeant. “They are giving up their lives and their families and their structures – and they need to be taken care of.  All the amenities they are entitled to should never be compromised.”

WATCH Central Florida Veterans speak about their service and the promise of Social Security

In featuring case studies of retired veterans, severely disabled veterans and young widows and children, all of whom depend on Social Security for between 40 percent and 70 percent of their income, the new report highlights the personal stakes that veterans and their dependents have in the program.  Veterans and family members of service members state strongly in the report that political leaders should restore fiscal discipline without going back on this country’s promises to veterans, including the promise of Social Security.  Every dollar of their Social Security benefit counts, they said. Any reduction would mean real sacrifices in their standards of living and income security.
Among the report’s findings are:
  • There are approximately 1,650,876 Veterans living in Florida.
  • Thirty-five percent of adult Social Security beneficiaries are veterans and their families.
  • Social Security currently pays benefits to over 9 million veterans.
  • More than 771,000 veterans receive Social Security disability benefits.  
  • Most of the more than 4,000 children who lost a parent since the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars now receive Social Security survivor’s benefits.   
Since Social Security is the primary income source for many veterans and their families, the Veterans urged Members of Congress not to cut Social Security benefits.
The study is co-sponsored by leading veterans’ organizations including American GI Forum; Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.; Blinded Veterans Association; National Association of American Veterans; National Military Family Association; Paralyzed Veterans of America; Union Veterans Council, AFL-CIO; VetsFirst, a program of United Spinal Association; Vietnam Veterans of America; and  The full report can be found here.


The Strengthen Social Security Campaign is comprised of more than 300 national and state organizations representing more than 50 million Americans from many of the nation’s leading aging, labor, disability, women’s, children, consumer, civil rights and equality organizations.
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Orlando Residents Fight Back Against Politicians’ Attack on Florida Families, Look to ‘Awake the State’

Orlando Residents Fight Back Against Politicians’ 
Attack on Florida Families, Look to ‘Awake the State’

  March and Rally in opposition to proposed cuts on state budget

WHEN:  Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

WHERE: March meeting point (4:30 PM): IBEW Hall 820 Virginia Drive Orlando, FL 
              (the march will lead to the Rally)
              Rally (5:30 PM): Senator Beth Johnson Park, 59 South Ivanhoe Boulevard,            
              Orlando, FL (adjacent to Chamber of Commerce)           

WHO: Over 150 concerned residents and community organizations.

WHY: As the Legislative Session starts, concerned residents of Orlando will march and rally next Tuesday, March 8th, as part of a statewide, grassroots chorus of protests against draconian budget cuts being proposed by Gov.Rick Scott and equally destructive proposals from legislative leaders. Similar ‘Awake the State’ rallies will take place in 31 cities throughout the state. The rallies have already drawn the ire of the Chamber of Commerce and other special interests who want even more tax breaks for corporations and CEOs at the expense of working and middle class Floridians.

“Ever since Gov. Scott and legislative leaders announced their plans to cut thousands of jobs, raise taxes on hardworking Floridians, cut essential services to the developmentally disabled, cut care to nursing home residents, condone grosslegislative waste including a record number of six-figure staff salaries, and make the deepest cuts to education in history, people from all across the state have been looking for a way to voice their opposition,” said former Republican Senator Nancy Argenziano. “Awake the State is giving them that chance.”

Orlando residents who have a stake in the Governor's budget and who don’t want to lose public services in favor of corporations’ gains will take a stand on March 8th to “Awake the State”.

"The Governor and the Legislature's budget will line the pockets of Wall Street with money taken from the pockets of people on Main Street,” says Stephanie Porta from Organize Now. “Florida gives away tax breaks to corporations and asks the middle class to pay the bill. People are fed up and fighting back."

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Orlando Residents Respond to Legislature’s Attack on Florida Families, ‘Awake Again May 10’

Orlando Residents Respond to Legislature’s Attack on Florida Families, ‘Awake Again May 10’

Orlando, FL – Concerned residents of Orlando will Awake Again today as part of a statewide, grassroots chorus of protests opposing the newly approved state budget that imposes devastating cuts to education, health care, social programs and environmental protection.  The budget also unfairly taxes the middle class including teachers, nurses and firefighters, while handing out tax breaks to corporations.  Similar Awake Again May 10 rallies are being held in at least twenty cities throughout the state.

Schedule for today's event:

TIME: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

LOCATION: Senator Beth Johnson Park – 59 S Ivanhoe Blvd

SPEAKERS:   Constituents, local activists, local elected officials

VISUAL:  Props of local state elected offical’s and Gov. Rick Scott
‘Awake the State’ started as a Facebook page that quickly grew to thousands strong, resulting in rallies in cities across the state on March 8th. The official Awake the State website can be found here.

- A brief summary of the most Anti-Middle Class Legislature in Florida history - 
With only 30 or so cases of fraud reported last election, only two of which could be substantiated enough to make an arrest, the legislature and governor supported a voter right’s overhaul that makes it more difficult to cast their ballots. There is no good reason to deny people the right to update their mailing address at a polling station or to reduce the number of days for early voting. Prohibiting these rights are discriminatory and anathema to a healthy democracy.

Rick Scott’s legislature “got to work” putting a proposed constitutional amendment on the November 2012 ballot that would prohibit government requirements to purchase health insurance as part of the national health care overhaul. Many legal experts say the federal law still would prevail.  They also revamped Florida's Medicaid system for nearly 3 million low-income and disabled people by putting it in the hands of private companies and hospital networks as a cost-cutting move subject to federal approval.

After eliminating teacher tenure, few highly skilled teachers will be willing to teach in Florida. We will lose good teachers and be unable to attract new ones. Florida schools already are a national disgrace, largely because our teachers are so poorly paid and because they are too busy teaching their students how to pass the FCAT instead of critical thinking skills. Teacher evaluations will be based in part on student test scores, and administrators will be able to more easily fire teachers with weak evaluations.  The new budget cuts education spending by $2.6 billion.  Circumventing the votes of the people once again, they also made changes definition of core curriculum, reducing the number of courses that must meet class-size caps.

There's fiscal pain ahead for college and university students who will be paying higher tuition, and many will see their state-funded scholarships cut.  Also, despite the voters passing a Constitutional Amendment on class sizes, public school classrooms will become more crowded thanks to new legislation by the Republicans in Tallahassee.  In addition to all that, in the anti-voter legislation, college students will be impacted as they are no longer allowed to change their address on Election Day to vote where they live and study and students will have one week less of early voting in 2012.

Rick Scott and the Republican leadership waged a war on women’s health and rights.  The GOP pushed through invasive new legislation requiring any woman to get a sonogram prior to having an abortion. As if that wasn’t insulting enough to women, the new law requires that the acting physician then read a state-approved statement questioning the patient’s right to choose. Legislation also p
ut on the a proposed constitutional amendment on the November 2012 ballot banning public funding of abortions —already prohibited by law — and exempting abortion from the Florida Constitution's strong privacy right.  It's an outrage that the legislature passed so many extreme laws that threaten women’s health and rights.  How’s that for small government?!

Anti-Minimum Wage
If the courts had not stepped in, our legislature was moving to once again go against the will of the people and the Florida Constitution.  Some of our elected officials want us to work more hours and be paid less wages despite our Constitutional rights. A bill was sponsored to effectively ignore the will of Florida voters who passed a Constitutional Amendment in 2004.

Republican leadership tried to push through more businesses tax breaks while limiting workers’ state unemployment benefits and making it more difficult for them to access federal unemployment benefits. A recent National Employment Law Project study showed that Florida’s weekly unemployment compensation already ranked 46th in the country and that few unemployed Floridians received the full maximum weekly unemployment payment of $275. Requiring unemployment claims to be filed electronically imposes undue hardship on the most needy segment of the population, which does not have easy access to computers.

The legislature eliminated a statewide septic tank inspection and maintenance program designed to keep nutrient pollution from malfunctioning septic systems from seeping into state waters. Inspection of septic systems is a responsible way of protecting the public health and welfare and of addressing pollution sources at a reasonable cost. The Legislature’s action on this issue, in effect, tells Floridians, that clean healthy water is too expensive.  Also, Tallahassee found time to pass a reversal of the state’s 25-year-old growth management law. The bill aims to reduce state oversight over local land planning decisions, allowing cities and counties greater control in approving new developments. Environmental groups argued that the bill could lead to unregulated sprawl and harm Floridian’s quality of life.
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Ryan Budget Equals Path to Poverty for Florida Seniors, Middle Class

Ryan Budget Equals Path to Poverty for Florida Seniors, Middle Class

Seniors, Families and People with Disabilities Call On Senator Nelson to Stop Cuts in Medicaid and Medicare To Fund More Tax Giveaways for the Rich
Orlando, Florida – Organize Now, part of Health Care for America Now (HCAN) held a press conference at the Marks Street Senior Recreation Center today in reaction to last week’s House vote on the House Republican budget that abolishes Medicaid, Medicare and consumer benefits and protections under the new Affordable Care Act.  Seniors, people with disabilities, children and families each described the impact of the Republican proposal, which passed the House by a vote of 235 to 193 last Friday and will be considered by the Senate in May, and then called on Senator Nelson to stop these dangerous proposals in the Senate.  Organize Now was joined by the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, AFSCME, and retirees.

Republicans, led by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), convert Medicaid into an underfunded “block grant.” Medicaid pays for two thirds of nursing home care and other expensive long-term care services for seniors and people with disabilities;.  The Republicans would slash funding for Medicaid by 1.4 trillion dollars nationally, a loss of $87.7 billion in healthcare and nursing home benefits in Florida.  The plan could force at least 951,622 Florida residents to lose services and be left on their own to pay for expensive life-saving services.  The proposal also shifts huge costs onto states like Florida that are already struggling with balancing the budget. Under the “block grant”, federal matching funds would be eliminated and Florida would be its own to provide services to the sick and aging. And, since the number of elderly people who will need Medicaid is projected to skyrocket by 2030, Medicaid becomes even more critical since it covers long-term services like home care and nursing home care that Medicare won’t cover just as the need for these services continues to increase.  

“Extremist politicians in Washington have their priorities upside down! Their plan [Ryan budget] ends the guaranteed coverage of Medicare that every worker has paid for.  It replaces Medicare and Medicaid with limited benefits from a private insurance company,” said Joe Bowyer, an AFSCME retiree.  “The Republican plan would increase premiums and out-of-pocket costs substantially for seniors and the disabled.  And it would put us at the mercy of the insurance companies.”

But Ryan’s Republican budget doesn’t stop there.  In additional to decimating Medicaid, the Republican budget plan would also privatize Medicare and eliminate the program’s guaranteed benefits. Instead, seniors would be given a voucher to purchase private insurance on their own.  The value of the voucher would, however, not keep up with the cost of insurance premium increases over time leaving seniors to pay the difference.  Currently, seniors pay about 25% of the cost of their health care, but under the voucher proposal, by 2030 seniors would pay 68% of their care.  In addition, the Republican plan would increase costs 40% higher under their new plan than the current Medicare program.  

“Turning over our Medicare to the private insurance companies only benefits the rich CEO’s who can’t wait to get their hands on our Medicare money!  The Republicans want to put 60 million seniors at the mercy of private insurance companies not to lower costs, but just so they can shift costs to seniors, people with disabilities and the middle class.  This Republican plan isn’t a “Plan for Prosperity” for us!  All the prosperity is going to the big corporations and wealthiest 10% of Americans who are getting tax breaks while the rest of give up everything we’ve worked for and any security in our retirement,” said Tamecka Pierce, State President for Organize Now.

In addition to eliminating Medicaid and Medicare, under the Republican Ryan budget, seniors would lose the benefits and cost savings they gained over the past year under the Affordable Care Act which made significant improvements to Medicare including reduced prescription drug costs in Part D, free preventative screenings like mammograms and yearly check ups, and reduction of waste and abuse in the program.  The Republican budget repeals these benefits as well the protection from insurance companies’ discrimination because of pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.  The Republican proposal also force seniors to wait an additional two years to even qualify for Medicare since it would raise eligibility age from 65 to 67. 

“Our hope is all focused on Senator Nelson at this point,” said Pierce, President of Organize Now.  “Senator Nelson must stop these Republicans who would sacrifice the programs that are most important for seniors, people with disabilities, children and the middle class in order to give their corporate cronies and the richest Americans yet another tax break.  For corporations and the wealthy, this budget is a “path to prosperity.”  But for the rest of us, this path leads only to poverty for our families and communities.  We’re calling on Senator Nelson to stand on side of his constituents and oppose these and all proposals that cap spending by putting more burdens on seniors and the middle class.  Senator Nelson should be on our side, not on the side of wealthy special interests who have avoided paying their fair share for long enough.”

Organize Now was joined by the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, AFSCME and AFSCME retirees, concerned Orlando seniors and children who would be impacted directly by these destructive policies.

Organize Now is a not-for-profit, member-based, community organization dedicated to making Florida a better and fairer place for everyone to live, work, learn and play.


Health Care for America Now is a national grassroots coalition of more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states representing 30 million people. HCAN led the fight over the past two years to win passage of health reform and to keep Congress from being steamrolled by corporate special interests.
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Statewide Group Protests, Delivers Petitions to Senator Rubio over Ryan Budget Vote

Statewide Group Protests, Delivers Petitions to Senator Rubio over Ryan Budget Vote

Message Urges: “Hands Off Medicare & Social Security”

Orlando, FL – Concerned constituents of Senator Marco Rubio delivered hundreds of petitions opposing his recent vote in support of the Ryan Budget that imposes devastating cuts and dismantles Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher program.  

Organize Now and a delegation of their members issued a thank you to Senator Bill Nelson for his recent leadership in taking Medicare and Social Security off the table for budget and deficit negotiations.  The protesters urged Senator Rubio to follow his lead.  

“We call on Senator Rubio to take a stand for Florida’s seniors, to reject RyanCare and take his hands off our Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security,” said Mike Cantone, political director for Organize Now.

Two members of the Organize Now delegation met with Melissa Hernandez, Senator Rubio’s Director of Constituent Services, and delivered a copy of the enlarged petition.  Hernandez invited the group back at a future date if they were interested in further discussing the future of Medicare and Social Security -  an invitation the group will take the Senator up on.  Members also told the Senator’s staff they would continue to collect the petitions until Rubio shifts his position and takes a stand for seniors by protecting Medicare from current budget negotiations.
Organize Now is a not-for-profit, member-based, community organization dedicated to making Florida a better and fairer place for everyone to live, work, learn and play.

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Organize Now's Response to Mayor Dyer's.

Organize Now's Response to Mayor Dyer's Response

Our message is clear - we are asking Mayor Dyer to issue a statement clearly explaining how the Florida Chamber's attacks on the middle class are not supported by the City of Orlando and the Mayor's office. Organize Now and our supporters are committed to stand for true small businesses, teachers, firefighters, police and the working middle class who are currently under attack by the Florida Chamber.

It is imperative that the public is able to distinguish between which Chambers truly support the working middle class and local small businesses versus those who do not.  Therefore, we also ask that as a member of the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, the City of Orlando request that the Regional Chamber issue a similar statement.

As our communities are being attacked by our Governor and Legislature, it is vital that all parties with vested interests in our community put out strong statements and take action against these attacks now.  Every day the attacks get worse and it is imperative that everyone stand up and fight back.

The time for bold leadership is now.
  Our mothers, fathers, teachers, firefighters, police officers, students, small business owners, seniors and the sick, and all of the middle class are depending on it.
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Florida Seniors Call on Senator Nelson To Save Medicare and Medicaid By Making Rich Corporation Pay Fair Taxes

Florida Seniors Call on Senator Nelson To Save Medicare and Medicaid By Making Rich Corporation Pay Fair Taxes

Seniors, People with Disabilities Impacted by Ryan Budget Proposal to Abolish Medicaid and Medicare Speak Out and Send Message to Senate

Orlando, Florida – Organize Now, part of Health Care for America Now (HCAN), will gather at the Marks Street Senior Recreation Center in downtown Orlando for a press conference at 2pm on Monday, April 25 to react to Paul Ryan’s Republican Budget which passed in the House last Friday.  The budget would abolish Medicaid and Medicare and roll back the Affordable Care Act, the new health care law that protects patients against discrimination from pre-existing conditions, provides free preventative care for seniors, and discounted prescription drugs, will move to the Senate after May 1, when Congress reconvenes after the April recess.

Those who will be personally impacted by the cuts in Medicaid, Medicare and the ACA, including seniors, people with disabilities and children will call upon Senator Nelson to stand up for them and middle class families once again when this proposal comes to a vote in the Senate instead of siding with the big corporations and wealthy who will get huge tax breaks in the Republican budget while seniors and people with disabilities get the shaft.

WHO:       Florida Health Care for America Now coalition partners including Organize Now, Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, AFSCME and concerned citizens

WHAT:           Press Conference calling on Sen. Nelson to stand up against the Ryan Budget Proposal and protect Medicare and Medicaid

WHEN:       2pm – Monday, April 25, 2011

       Marks Street Senior Recreation Center, 99 E Marks Street, Orlando, FL 32803

Organize Now is a not-for-profit, member-based, community organization dedicated
to making Florida a better and fairer place for everyone to live, work, learn and play.

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