Tell Sick Rick "NO" to Medicaid Privatization

Rick Scott and the extremist legislature are attacking effective health care programs like Medicaid that provide Florida's most vulnerable - our children, seniors, and people with disabilities - with the health care they need by cutting reimbursement rates to hospitals and nursing homes and forcing some children out of the program altogether.

Rick's Attacks On Medicaid Are Making Florida's Vulnerable Sick

Florida's Medicaid program provides basic, yet essential health care to our state's most vulnerable: our children, seniors, and people with disabilities. Without Medicaid, it's likely these populations would go without health care coverage. Without a strong Medicaid program, Floridians who need health care coverage the most will fall through the cracks.

Gov. Rick Scott is nonetheless attacking Medicaid. His budget proposal would:

  • Cut $2 billion from Medicaid- healthcare for very poor children, seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Eliminate the Medically Needy program that serves chronically ill Floridians not eligible for Medicaid such as transplant survivors, cancer, lupus and other patients
  • Cut $14 million from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (services and provider rates to persons with developmental disabilities)

Currently, the FL legislature is taking Scott’s lead and their proposals would do the following:

  • 7% cut to hospitals, reduction in in-patient and out-patient stays
  • 2.5% cut to nursing homes
  • Limit emergency room visits to 12 a year for non-pregnant adults
  • Limit home health visits for adults
  • Limit general physician visits to 2/month for adults
  • Eliminate chiropractic and podiatrist visits (adults only)
  • Cut Minority Health Initiatives “Closing the Gap” grants by $2.7 million.
  • Eliminate Medicaid for Foster “Kids” ages 22-23

This is not the leadership we need from Tallahassee. Take a stand, speak up, and tell Sick Rick "NO" to Medicaid privatization. 

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