Who We Are

Organize Now is a progressive, community-based organization engaged in and committed to building power to effect change in times of injustice,  maintain and protect our existing rights in the state of Florida whenever and wherever injustices are being committed or civil rights are being infringed upon.

Organize Now
stands for equality, social, economic and racial justice, respect and dignity, globally competitive education, quality affordable health care, respectable housing, readily available job training and fair and livable wages, for all.

ON Voter Education and Turnout
Organize Now (ON) is committed to increasing civic participation in underserved and disenfranchised communities through education and communication. In an election year ON will be reaching out to these communities to inform on the issues and motivate the people to participate in the democracy that has, so far, treated them unjustly.

ON Education and Health Care
ON believes that everyone deserves a fair chance at a brighter future, regardless of what neighborhood they live in, the color of their skin, what language they speak, how much money they have, or where they worship. A proper education and real comprehensive health care are both key ingredients to making certain that these basic rights are fulfilled.

ON Immigration Reform
ON stands with those who put it all on the line to secure a better life and basic freedoms for their families find themselves being oppressed, treated inhumanely and even sometimes, as slaves. ON champions equality and fairness in any immigration reform and believes that education will be the key to ending human rights' abuses in the state of Florida.

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